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Monique Gonzalez, Psy.D.


I'm a clinical psychologist, and I struggle with my mental health too.

Jan 28, 2022

I’m writing this with my aragonite crystal and blue apatite stone in my hand, my tranquility sea salt and rosemary candle glistening nearby, and a coffee that is 85% decaf and 15% regular because…anxiety.

I have been struggling. And I think it's okay to say so out loud.

I have not been as “publicly present” for awhile, and it comes down to needing space to process, heal, and survive. As you may know, I live every...

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PMDD and Being In a Relationship with Time

Oct 21, 2021

[ID: Bright full moon in a blue dusk sky being enveloped by a swirl graphic, above branches and orange leaves.]

For those of us living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) or another chronic illness, our timeline feels quite different than that of many others. Time feels like this own entity that we converse with, learn how to dance with, bargain with, negotiate with. We develop a curious relationship with Time. At certain points...

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A Season of Stuckness and Enoughness

Aug 12, 2021

[ID: Ocean waves against a large rock formation, which has a hole shaped like a heart.]

I am moving through transitory times
, and I feel it deeply. For those who may relate, I hope you also find the pause if possible to explore what this season of change is bringing up for you. It feels significant to share with you that I began writing this entry of sprouting thoughts while watching the new blooms emerge with Spring, signs of new beginnings...

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Being with the Sacred Messy

Feb 18, 2021

[ID: Dr. Mo with slight smile outside with puffy jacket and headband. Standing in green field at the edge of a bay (of water) with the moon overhead looking like a bright light/orb in the purple-blue-pink sky]

Hi. I’m Dr. Mo -- a clinical psychologist, a chronic illness / PMDD sibling, and a human being on the path of learning how to be with the
sacred messy.

What do I mean by that -- ‘sacred messy’? If you are following...

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