Dr. Mo smiling with leaves in background. Text: Hello I'm Dr. Monique Gonzalez clinical psychologist seeking to support others in mindfully flowing with the waves that come with our sacred messy humanity.

Honored to be in community with you. 

I'm Dr. Monique Gonzalez (Dr. Mo more often these days), my pronouns are she/her/ella, and I currently reside on the unceded ancestral land of the Ohlone people (SF Bay Area, California). I am a licensed clinical psychologist, with doctoral education and clinical training in mental health. I have background in clinical assessment, therapeutic services, interdisciplinary collaboration, parent+community education, and organizational/staff training. Mindfulness, trauma informed care, and cultural humility principles strongly guide my approach. I am bilingual in English/Spanish, and am proud to come from a family of Latinx immigrants.

I recently left my job as a therapist due to the impact of a disability, known as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). This 'Great Pause' of career transition and creative reinvention has been simultaneously scary as f^@k and incredibly liberating. Much of what I will be sharing is a very human attempt at 'flowing with the waves', accessing a balance of slow, restful ease and warrior determination. For my fellow chronic illness and disabled folx, you are oh so seen here and I am sending you an extra big virtual compassionate ray of light.

At this time, I am shifting from therapy services to community offerings that allow me to honor the pace, flow, cycle of my own body+mind+spirit. It's a distinct shift, especially considering the realm of what 'productive' and 'work' has traditionally meant for me. I deeply believe in honoring the 'sacred messy' in our humanity (I wrote a blog about this, if you are interested), which can mean creating nourishing space to be wholly ourselves in all our spectacular evolving complexities. I am committed to ongoing learning, healing, and disrupting [systems of oppression]. I am also passionate about elevating PMDD awareness and advocacy in the mental health profession and the larger community.

So, these are all likely themes that will weave their way throughout my offerings. My intention is to facilitate online courses, workshops, consultation, and virtual community that uplift and make accessible mindful collective care. You can learn more about these offerings and my academic/training background by scrolling below.

Sending you gratitude for taking time to be present. Deep breaths. We got this.

Un abrazo virtual muy fuerte,
Dr. Mo

Dr. Mo's Offerings

A little background on the context of this particular selection of offerings. First, these offerings may stay for awhile; they may come and go. If there is anything I have learned in the last several years, life is fluid, evolving, and meant to be grounded in allignment with deeper values. With that said, these offerings are those that feel present in my heart at this time, and I am delighted to begin to work on bringing them to life. Here are some projects I am working on, sometimes directly from bed, sometimes from my in-home-bedroom-office, sometimes from my yoga mat with my doggie. The best way to stay updated as new offerings arise is by tapping that button below and dropping your email to receive the occasional newsletter. If you are interested in collaborating, would like to have me facilitate a training at your organization, or have any specific question, please do feel free to directly email me

Let's stay connected!

Are you a PMDD warrior or someone supporting a loved one with PMDD? Dr. Mo is committed to creating a PMDD mindfulness collective that facilitates space for understanding, respite, healing, encouragement, and transformation. Dr. Mo offers a self-paced mindfulness course for PMDD beings. It's one of a kind and designed with loads of care. She also facilitates the PMDD Grounding Circle, an online gathering space that meets every other month. It is open to all PMDD siblings seeking shared community, mindfulness strategies, and a restful pause. Sign up for the newsletter to hear about future events.

Are you a company or team interested in uplifting mindful dialogue and promoting holistic, trauma informed collective care? Are you an organization looking to enlighten your team on PMDD? Dr. Mo offers mindful self-care presentations for staff, as well as consultation for schools, mental health organizations, and other work spheres wishing to engage more mindfully. Email Dr. Mo to learn more.

Dr. Mo is excited to currently offer Mindfulness For Your PMDD Journey This offering teaches mindful practices to plant seeds of ease, clarity and self-compassion in flowing with PMDD. It includes guided video lessons, a special workbook, and audio meditations.

Dr. Mo is available to facilitate interactive online spaces for dialogue, training, and healing on a variety of wellness topics. She has offered mindful self-care workshops, parenting trainings, and 'Cultural Humility' trainings for organizations and teams. She is especially passionate about mindfulness practice, all things PMDD (awareness, advocacy, coping tools), integrating cultural humility in organizational structures, and empowering kids+families.

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Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Would you like to host a workshop at your organization? Do you have a question about one of the offerings? Please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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Monique Gonzalez, Psy.D.

    Education and Credentials 

  • California Board of Psychology License, PSY 28669

  • Doctorate of Clinical Psychology: California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco

  • Predoctoral Internship: Children's Hospital Los Angeles 
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Tulane University School of Medicine 
  • Ancestral wisdom: the magic that Dr. Mo carries from her ancestors 

    Training Areas

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Cultural Humility *certified by Dr. Tervalon, founder of CH framework
  • Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Care 
  • Pivoting into Equity in Wellness Business
  • Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Model for Youth/Families
  • Neurodiverse Learning

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Hi. Me again. Here are some things I am learning to drop more into unapologetically these days:

  • I am a sensitive, intuitive soul. That's just as important as the academic accolades.
  • I am a Latinx cis woman still humbly stumbling, expanding, dismantling in the waters of part colonized, part colonizer.
  • I'm transforming, breaking open and falling more deeply into allignment with my spirit.
  • I stand for science and the wisdom of my abuelas.
  • I am not going to have the "normal" psychologist-therapy-gig that grad school trained me for, as that does not support what my body needs right now. Also, what is normal anyway?
  • I believe in being actively on the path of anti-oppression and collective liberation. This is an anti-racist space. This also means divesting from a capitalist, grind hard, patriarchal, ableist system and moving towards a more spacious, restful, and communal way of being.
  • I give myself permission to FLOW.